About Us

4CGandhi – Free Web Online Tools (4CGandhi ) was founded in 2020 by Jaydeep Gondaliya, Krunal Sisodiya and Ankit Kathiriya to use their skills to help others.

Why we developed 4CGandhi?

One day Jaydeep Gondaliya was doing some research for his blog and even after so many Google Search he found so many websites with tons of web tools but nothing could satisfy him and those which were satisfactory were paid. So he thought to develop tools by his own and further improve them by users’ feedbacks over time and decided to provide them for free. Then he talked to Krunal Sisodiya and Ankit Kathiriya and result is here.

What do we believe?

Service Before Self” – Our moto

We believe in providing our users the best without any charge. Your feedback is our payment.

Our Team

Jaydeep Gondaliya

4CGandhi – Free Web Online Tools was founded in 2020 by Jaydeep Gondaliya, a well-experienced and long-time web entrepreneur. Today, Jaydeep drives the strategic vision of 4CGandhi and keeps inspiring his team with his exceptional leadership and business skills.

Krunal Sisodiya

Krunal Sisodiya is working in web designing and developing since 2015. He has worked a lot on 4CGandhi to make it as it is now.

Ankit Kathiriya

Ankit Kathiriya is a SEO Expert, Content Writer, Blogger and Digital Marketer. He is the reason behind gathering visitors to 4CGandhi.

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